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Compagnie Marie Chouinard


Sensational dancers, fascinating stage designs, exquisite costumes and rousing music are the trademarks of celebrated Canadian choreographer Marie Chouinard. This time round she presents two extraordinary works: “Gymnopédies” and “Henri Michaux: Mouvements”.
In the first piece, eleven dancers from Chouinard’s company immerse themselves in the playful, magic worlds of the danced duet: a one-act ballet to the sounds of three piano compositions jointly called “Gymnopédies” by the French master of modernism, Erik Satie. This brand new piece, which boasts glittering bowls with flickering flames, provides a look into a dreamscape of perfect moments of togetherness.
For the second piece – first performed with sensational success at ImPulsTanz 2011 – Chouinard masterfully translated the drawings from the book “Mouvements” by the Belgian poet/artist Henri Michaux into a dance score. The corps de ballet move in front of oversized projections of the hallucinatory drawings, which appear to be dancing all by themselves, thereby bringing Michaux’ phantasies to life.

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