Cie. Marie Chouinard

« M »

For Marie Chouinard, dancing means applying every available emotional and mental movement as well as the entire body matter and its dynamics, and making the most of it all. In this new work, the Canadian star choreographer focuses especially on breath and voice, so she revisits a motif she featured in her first ensemble piece, Les trous du ciel, more than 30 years ago. In « M », twelve dancers – first and foremost the great Carol Prieur – transform the sounds of their respiration into powerful yet delicate sound poetry made up of breathing and voiceplay. Wearing brightly coloured wigs and trousers, and stripped to the waist, the way they dance in the sound clouds of Louis Dufort is radically permeable, emerging entirely from the breath. Chouinard brings to the stage a hasard play between breath and sound, madness and wisdom, setting out for a new, common and caring (dis)order.

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