Meg Stuart & Doug Weiss

All the Way Around

Having danced like Meg Stuart, one accumulates an enormous, mysterious and sometimes monstrous reservoir of body memories over the course of an artistic career. Add to this the impact of traumas, joys and fears, feelings of exaltation and deprivation, which are said to be passed down over generations on a cellular level. Body memory is the main starting point for this intimate trio between the renowned jazz bassist Doug Weiss, the marvellous pianist Mariana Carvalho and the European/US-American star choreographer, who has played a key role in shaping contemporary dance since the 1990s. Together they use the basic pattern of the ballad to open up the labyrinths of their memories. In the stories of All the Way Around, the incomparable dancer provides a deep insight into the structures of her unique philosophy of movement. Since she launched her international career from Brussels over 30 years ago, Stuart has rarely taken the audience through the memory palace of her body in such a concentrated and explicit way.

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