Ayelen Parolin / RUDA


A “Birdcage” full of drag queens? Not really, because the three funny and accomplished dancers in Simple do not exactly fill the stage in the literal sense. Fortunately, there is still plenty of room for the rhythm, the grotesque and the colour that the trio need to enjoy themselves to the full. For her critique of a society in which everyone sets themselves up as an expert and cannot escape their pretentious and calculating attitude, Argentine-Belgian choreographer Ayelen Parolin gladly does without music. Her colourful boys provide the sound themselves in their search for the pulse of existence and prove themselves to be devoted accomplices in their thoroughly honest conception of foolishness, childishness and naivety. That way, a dance with a lot of friction and at the same time a friendly if detached lightness emerges. A piece in which the stage design and the costumes in particular revive the spirit of the great Merce Cunningham.

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