Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods & EIRA


He is a man who indulges in a little happiness – a holiday from the hardships of the world of work on an island of contentment. He has all he needs to do so: leisure in abundance, his own little house, a well-grown palm tree and a lovely swan. He thus enjoys what he thinks he deserves – but then the sky opens its floodgates. Meg Stuart created this solo in a cardboard paradise for Portuguese dancer and choreographer Francisco Camacho back in 2007. This time around, new layers have been added to the work, which has since become a classic. It shows how quickly unforeseen events can cause our world of artificial gimmicks, stereotypical roles and shoddy superficialities to collapse. This holiday in the sunshine, in any case, mutates into a relentless struggle for the preservation of an unsustainable normality.

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