Gisèle Vienne / DACM

L’Étang (Der Teich)

A mysteriously eerie atmosphere awaits the audience. Seven figures sit or lie motionless in a semi-dark room. The moment the stage lights are turned on, loud music sounds from a radio, a woman appears and carries the figures away. Humans and dolls merge once again in this piece by Austro-French choreographer, director and puppeteer Gisèle Vienne: an adaptation of Der Teich, a flash play by Swiss author Robert Walser about a young man who can no longer endure his agonising family life. He fakes his suicide to see if anyone will mourn him. In Vienne’s version, the protagonist becomes a woman who is destroyed by her mother’s coldness and her sister’s wickedness. This is no ordinary drama but a poetic choreographic image act of the darkest depths of the human soul, most impressively portrayed by the award-winning actor Adèle Haenel and the no less fascinating dancer Henrietta Wallberg.

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