Alexander Vantournhout / not standing

Through the Grapevine

There is no need to pimp the reality of the body because it is beautiful, exciting and fascinating enough as it is. Especially in dance. Alexander Vantournhout, one of the most sought-after Belgian choreographers of his generation, and Axel Guérin are convinced of this. They have developed their duet to oppose the growing trend of reducing the human figure to images of it, and the manipulation of these images, especially on social media. Through the Grapevine is not a tart protest, however, but a skilful, whimsical and humorous method to propose a change in perspective. A pas de deux with constant mutual bodily contact that re-examines the meaning of touch as an irreplaceable form of intimacy. Playing with the differences in physical characteristics, the synergy between touching and being touched unfolds like a basic melody.