Luca Bonamore & Lau Lukkarila

Lapse and the Scarlet Sun

Completely off the rails! Lau Lukkarila and Luca Bonamore take their audience to an imaginary karaoke bar, which serves as the setting for their encounter. There, in the stimulating light of a scarlet sun, between a heavenly pole dancer, an haute-couture Sappho, a whimsical Jesus and a modern-day Marlene Dietrich, the eccentric couple start an unbridled club affair. Driven by gripping sounds, the two of them manage to catch on to their symptoms of drowsiness and rid themselves of their apathy in sweaty dance sequences. Against a backdrop of magnificent garden roses, a metaphysical whirlwind of emotions of breathtaking wildness emerges, carnality proliferates in all its capricious glory and condenses into a sultry vision of the future.

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