COD – Compagnie Olivier Dubois

My body of coming forth by day

The Egyptian Book of the Dead conjures up the magic of stepping out into the light of day. How it can assist with a symbolic rebirth today is demonstrated in this piece, in which Olivier Dubois submits to a court trial, a peep show and a vivisection. The outstanding French choreographer, first winner of the Prix Jardin d’Europe at ImPulsTanz in 2008, was voted one of the best dancers in the world in 2011 and has celebrated a string of successes, including at ImPulsTanz, with such spectacular pieces as Faune(s), which caused a scandal in Avignon but became a triumph in Vienna, Rouge and Prêt à baiser. In My body of coming forth by day, Dubois lets the audience decide during each performance how he should conjure up his – by now 60 – works. This is to help him in his search for what a masterpiece should be. In the process, the master himself goes all out in terms of physical exertion.

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