Jérôme Bel / Max Mayer

Jérôme Bel

He has caused a stir or two, introduced a whole new way of thinking to dance and prompted a turning point in contemporary choreography. With his artistic approach, inspired by postmodern philosophy and semiotics, Jérôme Bel hit a nerve in the 1990s. Meanwhile, his catalogue of works comprises roughly 30 titles, including a piece from 1995 that bears the name of its author: Jérôme Bel. Now Bel uses this title again for a current piece (which he refers to as “auto-bio-choreographic”) not for sentimental reasons but to create a “genealogy of the driving forces of his work, in which the personal is connected with the artistic and the political”. For the first time, Bel’s story is told accompanied by videos, in each city by a local artist. In Vienna this live part is taken over by the outstanding actor and Nestroy Prize winner Max Mayer, in a German and an English version respectively.