Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe

Beyond The Overflow

In Beyond The Overflow, art does its striptease. Body at work, body for sale, worked body, the performer is both an art object and a place crossed by desire: an object of multiple transactions.

Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe continues her series Speech of Love. In Fragment d’un discours amoureux, the philosopher Roland Barthes approaches the emotions of the subject in love. In the chapter “Lunettes noires”, he describes that the lover must, to a certain extent, hide from the beloved the turbulences of their passion: their desires, their distresses, in short, their excesses.

Let’s take Barthes against the grain: let’s let the fury of the market boil over, let’s give free rein to the energies hidden behind the scenes, let’s talk frankly and without coquetry.

Imagination and adrenalin mingle with the extreme fatigue after the show. Between exaltation and a response to the feeling of loneliness, bodies and hearts beat and intertwine.

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