Dani Brown


A politically complex social construct and a provocative figure of discourse – that is what the CUNT represents. For Dani Brown, born in New York and currently a Berliner, the CUNT is even more than that, though: literally a “subtle, fluid, warm, swelling minefield of the invisible activity of neurotransmitters, hormones, body tissues and essential needs”. This is why the performer and choreographer’s announcement “The future is CUNT!” applies in THE PRESSING: her “CUNT entity” is a self-confident and insistent presence, because Brown wants to liberate the term “cunt” from its obscene connotations. In this sensually complex performance, she transforms herself into body landscapes of human and non-human beings on a stage lavishly decorated with greenery.

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Date: 22.05.2024, 20:09 | Link: https://www.impulstanz.com/en/videos/aid1630/