Ofelia Jarl Ortega

Bien y Mal

When people come together and work or stand up for something as a community, this may cause Ofelia Jarl Ortega to burst into tears. The young choreographer and dancer of Chilean ancestry, daughter of a flamenco dancer and a percussionist, won the Prix Jardin d’Europe at ImPulsTanz in 2018. She likes to make connections and takes pleasure in affiliating not only people but genres as well: dance and film, for example. In her new work, Bien y Mal, she gives free rein to her passion for openness: “I like being at a crossroads where things can go in different directions.” The result is a quintet about the spectrum between good and evil, cleverness and naivety. Five characters risk uncertainties, undermine power relations and provoke complex and exciting group dynamics to the wonderful music of Jassem Hindi – brilliantly danced in a cutting-edge choreography with extremely cool costumes.