Trajal Harrell

Maggie The Cat

This is where the catwalk meets Maggie the Cat. But the focus shifts in this brilliant dance reinterpretation of Tennessee Williams’ world-famous Southern drama Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, whose film version starring Elizabeth Taylor as Maggie and Paul Newman in the role of Brick became a box office hit in the late 1950s. For on Trajal Harrell’s catwalk, Maggie as well as the Black Servants, hardly noticed by Williams, come to the fore in all their complex whims and attitudes. In addition to influences from high fashion and exuberantly transformative costumes, Voguing – to music by Bruce Springsteen and Julio Iglesias, among others – plays a central role in Harrell's movement vocabulary. He himself dances and dazzles as "Big Mama", who pulls the strings here in place of Williams’ "Big Daddy". Harrell’s Maggie the Cat is part of his trilogy Porca Miseria ("Damned"), which deals with the lives of three multi-layered, outstanding (non-)fictional female characters. These include The Deathbed of Katherine Dunham and O Medea.

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