Lucinda Childs & MP3 Dance Project

distant figure Part I: Description (of a description) Part II: 4 etudes by Philip Glass

One of the leading figures of US postmodern dance distils the narrative motif of a choreography for herself from a short story by the New York writer and essayist Susan Sontag published in 1984. Lucinda Childs premiered this text written for her under Sontag’s title Description (of a description) in 2000 as a collaboration with the composer and set designer Hans Peter Kuhn in Montpellier. It is about stress and the description of the plight of an overstrained man who suddenly collapses in the street. With unique presence and her own charisma, Childs dances this solo now, at 83, live in Vienna. On one evening, the choreographer, whose brilliant career began in the early sixties at the legendary Judson Dance Theater in New York, will also present the world premiere of her group work 4 Etudes by Philip Glass at Akademietheater on the occasion of ImPulsTanz’s 40th anniversary. The piece is danced by the superb company of the Italian MP3 Dance Project under the direction of Michele Pogliani.

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