Lucinda Childs / Robert Wilson

RELATIVE CALM music by Jon Gibson, Igor Stravinsky, John Adams

This is what happens when the doyenne of postmodern dance, and theatre all-rounder Robert Wilson – two great personalities of the performing arts with a shared past sit – at home alone because of the pandemic and feel caged in: they exchange ideas and look for inspiration for the time after the crisis. Anyhow, here’s the result: RELATIVE CALM, a visually stunning piece with powerful music and impressive video projections. Childs and Wilson, the artistic dream couple since Einstein on the Beach, their first collaboration nearly half a century ago, have revisited collaborations from the 1980s to the music of Jon Gibson and John Adams, and created this new three-part work for the big stage – plus Childs’ choreographic vision of Stravinsky’s Pulcinella Suite. This magical evening will be danced by the ensemble of the MP3 Dance Project from Rome under the direction of Michele Pogliani.