Christian Rizzo / ICI—CCN Montpellier Occitanie

Looking into the distance is a well-known motif in art: see Caspar David Friedrich’s painting The Monk by the Sea, for example, or countless photos filled with longing on Instagram. The name Miramar, meaning “sea view”, for hotels, settlements or parts of towns, promises magnificent views all the way to a horizon behind which there could be wondrous myths and secrets or undiscovered places. The ten dancers of French choreographer, artist and fashion designer Christian Rizzo engage with this look. Like strangers, they step onto an empty beach, their dancing embodies their thoughts about a hidden, elusive object that is made up of the intertwining of its individual movements. In Rizzo’s miramar, the powerful music, the magical lighting and the intense dancing in a solo or in a group of ten give expression to the feelings that arise when you lose yourself while looking into the vast expanse. This could be the beginning of a story. But everything remains in limbo…

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