Cie. Marina Otero


Internal resistance, exposed to the brink of self-destruction, determines the life and work of this dance extremist. “I have always imagined myself in the middle of the stage, as a heroine, taking revenge on everything”, Marina Otero states, “but my body couldn’t take so much fighting”. Hence, the choreographer only takes part in FUCK ME as a minor character. The piece tells the story of why she had to spend a year in hospital. She cedes her place to others and watches “them lend their body to my narcissistic cause”. Half a dozen naked men tell the autofiction of this radical artist. Otero, the granddaughter of an intelligence officer during the military dictatorship in Argentina, reveals the dark secrets her grandparents took to the grave. In order to finally tell what has been kept silent, Otero turns personal history into open protest. To do so, she is prepared to break every taboo and quench her thirst for revenge.

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