Susanne Songi Griem with Pete Prison IV and Agnes Bakucz Canário

Library of Unfinished Memories // Fisch und Schwan in Negligé

For two minutes and fifty­six seconds / the both of us / yowled, / shortly before the sloth poured the bucket of car paint over them. / In the glove compartment, a fish in a negligee / is singing ballads in honour of the city. Visual artist Susanne Songi Griem, who previously performed with Alexandra Pirici, Xavier Le Roy and Scarlet Yu, among others, invites the audience to join her on her humorous travels through the cabinet of curiosities that is her Library of Unfinished Memories. Together with Pete Prison IV and Agnes Bakucz Canário, she tells stories about alienation, about everyday life and about the materiality of one’s own memory.

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