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Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods (BE/DE/US)


Time speeds up and slows down, it presses, drifts or plummets like a waterfall. For choreographer Meg Stuart, time is a multi-dimensional cascade in which “different realities exist at the same time”, as she puts it. Seven dancers race through expanding, bursting and collapsing time bubbles. These are the wanderings of a group of dreamers, whose behaviour is transformed and distorted in an overwhelming space that could be an Atlantis of the past or an image of the future. Stuart worked with French director and set designer Philippe Quesne to realize this vision. The music was composed by Brendan Dougherty, who created the sound for Stuart’s piece VIOLET, among many others. Finally we experience the world premiere of this ingenious artistic encounter that generates an abysmal realm of contradictions, deceptions and the tragicomic.

World Premiere
Duration: 105 Minutes

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