ImPulsTanz 2021 © Video Editing: Maximilian Pramatarov

Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods (BE/DE/US)


Violent vortices can form in the dynamics of everyday reality. Anyone who reaches their ‘event horizon’ will inevitably be drawn into something uncontrollable. Just like the five performers in VIOLET. The sounds produced by live musician Brendan Dougherty start as harmlessly flowing waves. They rapidly increase in volume and complexity, driving the dancers on as they generate a seemingly monstrous energy from initially minimal movements of shoulders, arms, heads and upper bodies. Thus charged, they drift towards an ecstasy that takes hold of their bodies, like gambling addicts getting carried away by their passion. VIOLET is an uncharacteristically abstract work for Meg Stuart. According to the choreographer, it represents “five individual journeys” that “take place simultaneously”. As an inspiration for VIOLET, she refers to Francis Alÿs’ short film Tornado, which shows a cameraman running into the vortex of a whirlwind. A dramatic moment indicating change to Stuart, which in turn is also imminent for the characters in her piece.

Duration: 70 Minutes