ImPulsTanz 2021

Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus (BE)


Wild dancing, energetic bodies, brute scenes and breathtaking sensuality characterise the works of Wim Vandekeybus, one of the most influential choreographers of our time. He has repeatedly dealt with the animal nature of humans. Now he examines this motif in a representation of the injuries inflicted by culture and nature on each other. Inspired by a trip to the forests of Romania, by dancing bears, the Roma’s nomadic way of life and the works of Czech-French photographer Josef Koudelka, Vandekeybus lets the audience take part in this stirring ceremony of images without words. His ten-strong horde of dancers subject themselves to a conflict fraught with tension between standing still and blindly moving forward, the ‘traces’ becoming apparent through movements, rhythms, intensities and atmosphere alone. It’s not about “realistic images”, says Wim Vandekeybus, but about “alienation and abstraction”, designed to make the audience think. TRACES isn’t documentary theatre but art in its purest form.

Austrian Premiere
Duration: 105 Minuten