ImPulsTanz 2021

ZOO / Thomas Hauert (BE/CH)

How to proceed

It’s coming back – the joy of diversity, ambivalence and richness of life and the world that makes life possible. On the occasion of his company ZOO’s 20th anniversary, Belgian choreographer Thomas Hauert pays homage to complexity. Simplification, standardisation and homogenisation were decisive factors in a past in which rivers and buildings, economies and societies were ‘realigned’. Back then, some chosen few felt obliged to impose their imagined ‘utopias’ on everyone. How to proceed proposes to stop tinkering with ‘ideal’ worlds and to recognise the benefits of complexity instead. To make their point, eight dancers plunge their bodies into entanglements, internal conflicts and external debates, because the complicated isn’t an Elysium, obviously. That way, materials, feelings, movements and words get mixed up, but it is precisely from this kaleidoscope of powerful or fragile images, captivating dancing and delicate or ferocious sounds that the magic of the unregulated, this hope for our future, arises.

Austrian Premiere
Duration: 60 Minutes

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