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*Melk Prod. / Marco Berrettini (CH)

No Paraderan

This [ImPulsTanz Classic] is a hit! Its premiere in Paris in 2004 turned into the theatre scandal of the year and made No Paraderan unforgettable. Even the beginning is ironic: “I love Vegas when I’m loaded / Yeah, I love it when I’m not.” From offstage, Dean Martin’s unmistakable voice softly sings Vegas Melody, recorded at the legendary Sands Hotel in 1963, and choreographer Marco Berrettini conducts a red curtain; a princess and a woman in a little black dress with green puffed sleeves are dancing beside a white bar cart. Before his career, ‘Dino’ Martin was called Dino Crocetti. Like Berrettini, he came from an Italian family, and formed the famous ‘Rat Pack’ with stars like Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra and Shirley MacLaine. No Paraderan – roughly translated: they won’t parade – is a satirical dream, inspired by the ballet show Parade of the Ballets Russes (1917), which featured, among other things, a skyscraper, a businessman and a horse, all of whom were dancing. Le sacre du printemps also worms its way in. Onstage, tipsy, trendy, cultural types go kiss-kiss, bling-bling, and it seems as if the Parade-makers Cocteau, Massine, Satie and Picasso are pulling the strings behind the curtain with a smile.

Duration: 95 Minutes

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