ImPulsTanz 2021

Raja Feather Kelly (US)

UGLY (Black Queer Zoo)

“I am an Ugly man”, says the dancer, choreographer and director of the New Brooklyn Theater in the Big Apple. And: “I am not an artist like those who created Beyoncé.” Neither does he see himself as one of New York’s chosen darlings and “flavor of the week ectoplasms”. So who is Raja Feather Kelly? He describes himself as follows: “Queer of substance, of color and depth, thoughts and expression.” And why does he claim to be ugly? Answer: “Simply because you refuse to see me.” This is how he presents himself in this solo, which is part dance performance, part pop-culture collage: with lots of music, colour and an unfailing knack for exclusion.

Austrian Premiere
Duration: 60 Minutes

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