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Leja Jurišić (SI), Bara Kolenc (SI), Peter Kutin (AT), Patrik Lechner (AT), Mathias Lenz (AT)


Brina was her partisan name: Marta Paulin was among the first modern dancers in Slovenia before the Second World War. Born in Ljubljana in 1911, the Wigman student worked for the radio before hosting her first evening as a choreographer in 1940. In 1943, she joined the partisans and later became one of the most important dance instructors in Yugoslavia. Together with Bara Kolenc, Leja Jurišić, Mathias Lenz and Patrik Lechner, Austrian artist Peter Kutin has created a rotating, hologram-like sound object as a kinaesthetic monument: a ‘multimedia trance performance’ accompanied by massive sounds for the stage, plus film footage and a conversation with Slovenian artists Bara Kolenc and Leja Jurišić in the second part of the evening.

Austrian Premiere
Duration: 50 Minutes

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