ImPulsTanz 2021 © Video Editing: Maximilian Pramatarov

Ian Kaler (DE/AT)


For his new solo, dancer and choreographer Ian Kaler asked three artistic companions to choreograph for him. The opening video prologue of footage (cinematography: Diara Sow) of Ian Kaler performing with a hawk in a forest is inspired by the mythological figure of the ‘harpy’. The idea to work with a hawk stems from a conversation with set designer Stephanie Rauch who as well created an abandoned suburban parking-lot-meets-edge-of-the-forest scenery for the piece. For the second part Kaler invited Jen Rosenblit to write and direct a monologue. Their starting point was to work on a teenage character who fluctuates between inner monologue, storytelling, memory recollection and diary entry, assembling auto-biographical and fictional narratives. For the final part the choreographer and movement director Stephane Peeps Moun shares techniques from his practice informed by elements of housedance, hip hop, Tapdance & jazz- dance. Together they work on blending Kaler's own movement practice with Peeps's methods and approach to co-choreograph a powerful as well as subtle, hypnotic movement sequence.Berlin-based music producer rRoxymore aka Hermione Frank plays the electronic live soundtrack weaving a thread and performing together with Kaler.

World Premiere
Duration: 60 Minuten

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