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Jérôme Bel (FR)

Isadora Duncan

A woman who danced ahead of her time, a feminist who, at the end of the 19th century, kissed then restrictive conventions like the corset and pointe shoes goodbye, a dancer of what is called ‘Apollonian beauty’. That was Isadora Duncan (1877–1927), who introduced modern dance to the world with overwhelming success. What happens when someone who has succeeded in turning dance upside down a century after Duncan’s revolution confronts today’s conventions to remember the pioneer of days gone by? It promises a slightly different vantage point. After all, French choreographer Jérôme Bel has repeatedly proven to be capable of a surprise, and, like Duncan, has been accused of producing a kind of ‘non-dance’. The piece is his portrait of a visionary dance-maker and romantic figure who has fought with both passion and conviction for the freedom, spontaneity and naturalness of expression.

Austrian Premiere
Duration: 60 Minutes