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Alexandra Bachzetsis (CH)

Private Song

Rebetiko is regarded as the blues of Greece. Anyone who connects it with a holiday feeling can now add a new layer to this association. Rebetis means ‘drifter’ or ‘tough guy’, in the sense of someone who needs to be put on the right track. Two young men – wonderful Thibault Lac and Sotiris Vasiliou – accompany Greek-Swiss choreographer and dancer Alexandra Bachzetsis’ revelations about rebetiko. On a tiled floor, wearing a tight dress made of black latex and sneakers, she first dances an erotic solo, which is strongly reminiscent of the sensual folk dance Tsifteteli. Such breaks are characteristic of Bachzetsis’ work that is interdisciplinary on principle and frequently mixes pop culture, folk art and contemporary art forms. Private Song was commissioned by documenta 14 with curatorial advice from Paul B. Preciado, among others. Bachzetsis once again displays her great talent for assemblage: emotional rebetiko songs meet wrestling fantasies and Hollywood clichés about women and men. They reflect dreams of war and love.     

Duration: 60 Minutes

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