God’s Entertainment (EU)


Gordon Griffith. Who remembers him? In 1918, he was the very first actor to play Tarzan in a film. In a silent film, that is, which naturally ruled out the famous Tarzan yell that made Johnny Weissmüller famous sometime later, in the 1930s. The first Tarzan story by American writer Edgar Rice Burroughs was published as early as 1912, and to this day the “Lord of the Jungle” is firmly established in the pop-cultural memory of Western societies. The latest Tarzan film was released in 2016. Now, the radical performers of the Viennese group God’s Entertainment, who specialise in political weak points in our society, have turned their attention to this character. The result – as an antithesis to Griffith’s and Weissmüller’s representations – is a polarising piece that perfectly matches Tarzan’s inconsistency. The performance, including a tea ceremony, takes place in the unique ambience of Vienna’s Zacherlfabrik.

Austrian Premiere
Duration: 110 min

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