Ellen Furey (CA) & Malik Nashad Sharpe (UK/US)


Two figures dressed in white, electronic music and a drifting voice sending Yung Hurn’s dreams of and appeals to togetherness – “Baby, you wanna chill and stuff  / Fly with me through Vienna and stuff  ”– as well as the effect of pills into space in a loop. In this meditative, hypnotic dance trip through the spheres of the now, Ellen Furey from Montreal and London-based New York dance artist Malik Nashad Sharpe celebrate a future without authorities and constraints. They emerge from the darkness of the dancefloor until they reach a deep blue in which they abandon themselves completely in the rhythms of their unison movements. In the end, it becomes clear that this is to be understood as a movement of resistance.

Austrian Premiere
Duration: 60 min

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