Michelle Moura (DE/BR)

BLINK – mini unison intense lamentation

„Hans and Gretchen lost in a forest? Manga girls? Angels? Shamans? You do not know what you are seeing in Blink. On the contemporary-fairy tale like soundscape by Stefan Martin Schneider – with sounds of rhythmically hitting pebbles and spacious murmuring – the Brazilians Michelle Moura and Clara Saito are moving in a hypnotic rhythm.“ (Jacq. Algra)

The leitmotif in the duet Blink is the blinking of the eyes as an extreme exercise. BLINK mini unison intense lamentation is a challenge to the impossible, in its aspiration to choreograph the involuntary, uncontrollable movement of the eyes and the eyelids. The rhythms of blinking change the perception, looking outward as well as inward. The performers generate strong feelings oscillating between happiness and sadness to increasingly ecstatic sounds. The dance of their lids takes hold of both performers’ bodies, driving the piece towards its climax.

Austrian Premiere
Duration: 50 min