From Janine to Jam (Rostron) and on to Planningtorock: music can be used as a tool in the fight for gender neutrality. After the success of All Love’s Legal, Planningtorock has released their fourth celebrated album, Powerhouse. It comes with a complementary “musical show”, which, following its premiere in Berlin's Berghain, will be not only a musical highlight in Halle E at MuseumsQuartier. Along the much-acclaimed new album, Planningtorock is not developing just an ordinary concert, but a unique live performance with storytelling, dance, video, set design, special lighting design and songs exclusively produced for this evening, in which Jam honours their music-loving mother as well as their sister as an “autistic raver” and themself as a child of the working class. Planningtorock is joined by Ian Kaler in the roles of choreographer and performer, filmmaker Imogen Heath and special guests. This will be a danceable performance with uplifting “Transome” and playful “Much To Touch” – music that sweeps you off your feet, provides encouragement and makes makes up for a lot of things.

Austrian Premiere
Duration: 70 min