8:tension 2018

Jamila Johnson-Small

i ride in colour and soft focus, no longer anywhere

“Body as oracle, a trance, a rhythmic interface, an atmosphere, a landscape with the texture of my current mental state. A dance informed by everything and everyone I have ever encountered, seen, heard, felt, been beside that has become part of me, as I try to identify my own voice. And then see if I can stand it. Nothing ever really goes away.” In her first solo-project as Last Yearz Interesting Negro, Jamila Johnson- Small navigates through a condensed artistic landscape made of visuals, music, sounds and objects, going for “noise over silence, now over yesterday and pleasure over doing it right.”

Austrian Premiere
Duration: 80 min

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Date: 19.04.2024, 05:50 | Link: https://www.impulstanz.com/en/videos/aid1043/