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Bruce Taylor

Modern Jazz Workshop

ImPulsTanz2011 © ImPulsTanz / Rezafilm

David Hernandez

Movement Logic Workshop

ImPulsTanz2011 © ImPulsTanz / Rezafilm

Archie Burnett

Voguing Workshop

ImPulsTanz2011 © ImPulsTanz / Rezafilm

The Loose Collective

Here Comes The Crook

ImPulsTanz2012 © The Loose Collective

Thomas Hauert & Scott Heron

Like me more like me

ImPulsTanz2012 © Thomas Hauert & Scott Heron

Olivier Dubois


ImPulsTanz2012 © Olivier Dubois

Naoko Tanaka

Die Scheinwerferin

ImPulsTanz2012 © Naoko Tanaka

Doris Uhlich

Rising Swan

ImPulsTanz2012 © Doris Uhlich

Workshop Trailer 2012

ImPulsTanz Workshops @ Arsenal

ImPulsTanz2012 © ImPulsTanz / Reza Tavakoli

Akram Khan Company

Vertical Road

ImPulsTanz2011 © Akram Khan Company

Daniel Linehan

Zombie Aporia

ImPulsTanz2011 © Daniel Linehan

ImPulsTanz Workshops


ImPulsTanz2011 © ImPulsTanz

Michael O'Connor & Deborah Hay


ImPulsTanz2011 © Michael O'Connor

Compagnie Marie Chouinard

Les Trous du Ciel

ImPulsTanz2011 © Compagnie Marie Chouinard

Ivo Dimchev


ImPulsTanz2011 © Ivo Dimchev

La La La Human Steps / Edouard Lock

New York by Édouard Lock

ImPulsTanz2011 © La La La Human Steps / Edouard Lock

Emio Greco | PC

double points: HELL

ImPulsTanz2011 © Emio Greco | PC



REBECCA PATEK "ineter(a)nal f/ear" © MARIA BARANOVA

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ImPulsTanz 2014: Volkstheater © Karolina Miernik

We kindly invite you to join our ImPulsForum! In the inspiring atmophere of the Red Bar of the Volkstheater we will arrange regular meetings and discussions with and for our audiences, artists, critics, experts, ImPulsTanz staff, well, everybody interested. But not only ImPulsTanz, also you can propose topics you like to discuss or get to know more about. MORE

danceWEB Brunch 2015 © Karolina Miernik

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Home wanted!

Are you looking for a cosy place to stay during your ImPulsTanz summer? OR: You don't want your Viennese apartment to grow lonely and rather introduce our workshop participants to the Viennese art of living? Some useful information HERE

Dancer: Helmut Fixl © Johanna Figl

Sneak previews of our current performances, or sweet memories of our workshops and past festival events can be watched here. MORE

Workshop Daybee Dorzile 2017 © Karolina Miernik

urbanative . Festival of Urban Arts Vienna 2018

Since 2017 ImPulsTanz offers a focus on Urban Arts initiated by Markus Eggensperger and Storm and featuring many events and the urbanative package. Take a look!  MORE

Arsenal 2016 © Emilia Milewska

This year fro free!

To parents who attend our workshops we again offer child care at Arsenal, this year for the first time for free, thanks to the kind support of Arbeiterkammer Wien (Vienne Chamber of Labour).  MORE

© Karolina Miernik

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© ImPulsTanz

Join our club for numerous benefits. You can purchase our three different Club Cards online. HERE

La Fabrica © Bruno Michelet


As each year the ImPulsTanz functions as an ideal place for international auditions. This year Michael Laub, Marta Coronado, Ivo Dimchev and nadaproductions are looking for professional performers. Valerie Oberleithner & Magdalena Chowaniec instead are welcoming everbody from 13 to 110 years to join their silent demonstration iChoreography - Conversations. MORE

© ImPulsTanz

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