Lenio Kaklea (FR/GR)


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How does one become a dancer in the first place? Which secrets lie in the works that a young dance student learns, for example in Athens, where Lenio Kaklea started dancing at the age of ten? And how did the urban and social environment she grew up in influence her? These are questions that the Greek choreographer answers in this solo piece that is a mix of stories, dance and music. She performs her memories of what shaped her – for example, excerpts from Martha Graham’s Acts of Light (1981) and François Malkovsky’s Petit Berger (1925) – and presents passages from some of her own works as well. Lenio Kaklea is not interested in teaching her audience about dance history but rather in proving that our gestures have an emancipatory potential. And she wants to show that modernist dances also represent ideas of a better world. “I have become a virtuoso dancer”, Kaklea explains. But that was just the beginning of a biography that has produced this artist, who is convinced that art must intervene, now and again and again.

Austrian Premiere
Duration: 55 Minutes



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