Troubleyn / Jan Fabre & Antony Rizzi

Drugs kept me alive

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Without fear, a survivor talks about his way of living: confessions of a dance junkie seen through the eyes of the Belgian artist, director and choreographer Jan Fabre, who wrote a tailor-made, rousing monologue for Antony Rizzi after more than 20 years of collaborating with him. The former Forsythe dancer has been HIV-positive since 1996, in “Drugs kept me alive” he says: “I am a dancing pharmacy.” He isn’t talking about medicines only, but about drugs like poppers, ecstasy and cocaine as well, which were also a factor in his life. Rizzi doesn’t want to be quietly reflective. This is why this piece has become an unsettling and comical solo dance cocktail of an unleashed sorcerer’s apprentice, in which soap bubble orgies mix with Smarties placebo pills and ecstatic ballet convulsions.

July 31, 2013 | 23:00 | Schauspielhaus
August 02, 2013 | 21:00 | Schauspielhaus



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