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Posing Project B - the art of seduction

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HONOURED WITH THE GOLDEN LION FOR BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE 5TH INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF CONTEMPORARY DANCE OF VENICE! First presented in 2007 at the Venice Biennale, 'The Art of Seduction' is part of the 'Posing Project'. The pose here is that trembling moment when the body pauses, apparently at rest, while an image separates from it, ending up as a stereotype in the eye of the viewer. The 'Posing Project' can be understood as a sythesis of dance and installation orbiting the game of seduction between the performer and the audience. Eros is like a striptease in which every gesture of disclosure continuously brings to light new layers of clothing. But the arrow is always deflected ' by the song of the sirens, rummaging in the laundry room, the revolt of obscene shadows and melancholy in September.



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