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La La La Human Steps / Edouard Lock


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Burgtheater August 07, 21:00 August 09, 21:00 August 10, 21:00 <a href="'language=en&setPrevParams=true" target="_blank">Tickets</a> Édouard Lock bores into the deep shaft of ballet history in order to bring some of its classic motifs, enormously accelerated, to the surface. With a sharply structured light show and borrowings from Japan it is successful in re-inventing romantic ballet with references to Swan Lake'there is even a little bit of wing-flapping'and Snow White. Under a mysterious title, a Moslem man's name, 'Amjad' is presented as am elegant hybrid of Armani style and cunning parody. The pas de deux, often shied away from, makes a come-back though with swirling vertical and horizontal axes. In order to conform to the contemporary view of gender men dance with points ' in both senses of the word. Rapidly passing waves of entrances and exits excite and confuse the eye. Gestures snap through the air. While Lock radically re-thinks the conventions of classical ballet using his physically virtuoso language of dance he simultaneously also expresses emotional prism of archetypical ballet in all its colours ' yearning, fear, devotion and delight.



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