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Extra Dry (Nouvelle Version)

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'Emio Greco dances the Martini.' (Berliner Zeitung) Together with director and dramatic advisor Pieter C. Scholten Greco has prescribed himself a kind of research laboratory on the subject of dance. In this way the trilogy 'Extra Dry' matures. Greco found 'seven necessities' for 'Bianco'. 'I have to tell you that I can multiply my body'. 'Rosso' is rounder and less illustrative. After white and red the colour of the third part is not, as one would expect, blue but gold ' ending the 'Martini Trilogy' with 'Extra Dry' and a profound joke. Gold, for Greco, is 'more a state than a colour, between holiness and profanity'. The idea that inspired him was a golden yellow steppe where animals were waiting for water ' thus the different states of tension involved in waiting. 'I wanted to create a space where I can make the human body appear and disappear without actually leaving it. Because if you really leave the space you are really more present, as a memory.' Emio Greco



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