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ImPulsTanz X Summer of Movement
13 July-13 August

Bara Sigfusdottir
Bara Sigfusdottir

In the frame of Summer of Movement at MuseumsQuartier the crème de la crème of the contemporary dance scene turns from 13 July until 13 August the main courtyard into an open-air dance studio. Each day for at least one hour ImPulsTanz teachers will share their personal approach to and pleasure in contemporary dance with the public. For free! Join us, all levels welcome! Meeting point is the acidic yellow dance carpet.

The Programme


13 July, 17:00: Ivo Dimchev

When taking a peek at Ivo’s Workshop Trash off at the Arsenal, you’ll notice the air of freedom, craziness, absorption and fervour. Those who have always wanted to get to know the Star-Performer a bit better should definitely stop by.

© Emilia Milewska

14 July, 11:00: Dieter Rehberg

The performance artist, psychological counselor, Somatic Movement therapist and host of the WienJam incorporates all his previous practices into his classes, leaves no questions unanswered and celebrates mindfulness.

© nada productions

15 July, 11:00: Amanda Piña

Due to bad weather forecasts the workshop had to be cancelled, unfortunately!

Before the born Chilean will embark on a folkloric search for identity in her piece WAR (Ein Kriegstanz) at the Volkstheater, she will – as a member of the Federal Ministry for Movement Affairs – present a sliver of her long-lasting research on movements that are threatened by extinction.

16 July, 11:00: Elizabeth Ward

Feel like taking a short trip to the Anti-Fascist Ballet School? Welcome to the Academy of Unlearning! Let’s unlearn the disciplines and learn to support each other with grace. Pas de bleu instead of pas de deux! Punk’s not Dead and Ballet Forever!

© Stanislav Dobák

17 July, 17:00: Marta Coronado

The immensely likeable Rosas-dancer will arrive after just having finished rehearsals for Drumming at the Paris Opera – she specialises in Release technique and teaches the Rosas repertory and dance compositions worldwide.

© Karolina Miernik

18 July, 17:00: Shelley Senter

She is the living archive of the ground-breaking choreographies by Trisha Brown and Yvonne Rainer. Her work is influenced by the Alexander technique, which makes it possible to delve deeply into one’s own knowledge on the body.

19 July, 17:00: Defne Erdur

The Turkish pedagogue, performer, masseuse and above all, whirlwind, combines anatomy and emotion, consciousness and (art) therapy, fun and seriousness into one class, in which you will slowly pull out the knowledge that exists in every body with all kinds of tricks. Flying and dancing towards contentment and lightness!

20 July, 17:00: Leech

How do I run? How do I jump? How do I land? How do I coordinate sequences of motion? In case you’ve always wanted to jump smoothly on and over Enzis – Leech will show you a couple of Parkour-tricks!

© J. Darthorne

21 July, 11:00: Drew Dollaz

Flexing, the superlative of stretching. Looks dangerous and impossible but it is actually about bodily awareness and self-evaluation. The Madonna dancer sees it like this: “Stretch the limits of your body and mind!”

22 July, 11:00: Conny Aitzetmueller

Feminine Streetjazz Moves and easy Floorwork. The triple-talent (dance, gymnastics and poledance, respectively) Conny understands what it means to move with attitude and put on a confident performance ... and she is more than happy to teach the basics to you!

© Saurabh Mehta

23 July, 11:00: Sri Louise

How political can Yoga be? What does Yoga have to do with being white, anti-racism, anti-patriarchy, anti-capitalism, cultural appropriation, colonialism, post-colonialism and de-colonisation? Sri will show you – and that without any kind of hyper-intellectual ballyhoo!

© Passie In Beeld

24 July, 17:00: Francesco Scavetta

Due to bad weather forecasts the workshop had to be cancelled, unfortunately!
The Sweden-based contemporary choreographer and teacher believes in the poetry of movement and that one can be surprised by the body. He is convinced that in dance, it is much more important to forget than it is to remember.

© Camilla Greenwell

25 July, 17:00: Hagit Yakira

Trust yourself and be spontaneous! Hagit connects elements from Jazz, Contemporary dance, Floor work, Yoga, Limón, Release technique and original improvisation – all accompanied by a wonderful soundtrack. A different kind of dance class for sure!

© Gomez Jiujitsu

26 July, 17:00: Eroca Nicols

Eroca is an internationally acclaimed performance art and body nerd. From Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Contact Improvisation, healing rituals to political activism – anything is possible in this class!

© Karolina Miernik

27 July, 17:00 Florentina Holzinger

Florentina understands how to transform the body into a weapon for conquering dreams. This is training for the frightened and undaunted ninjas who confront their fears and want to turn them into strengths!

© Luca Chiaudano

28 July, 11:00: Eleanor Bauer

The thinking body: how does dance change the dancer? Or is the other way around? If dance could speak, what would it say? Eleanor has loads of experience in transforming thoughts into dance.

© David Payr

29 July, 11:00: Mike O'Connor

Mike has a soft spot for love, philosophy, neurosciences, psychology and phenomenology. What does all of this have to do with dance? Let’s find out together! The charming dance-academic and one of the most sought-after dancers of the city is definitely one to surprise!

30 July, 11:00: Terence Lewis

If you are looking for some drama in your life, then this is perfect for you! But beware: the music is loud, there is a dress code – colourful, flowy and full of joy! A bit of Bollywood-flair in all its brilliance and glamour in the middle of Vienna!

© Karolina Miernik

31 July, 17:00: Magdalena Chowaniec

Feel like taking a short trip to the Anti-Fascist Ballet School? Welcome to the Academy of Unlearning! Let’s unlearn the disciplines and learn to support each other with grace. Pas de bleu instead of pas de deux! Punk’s not Dead and Ballet Forever!

© Tara Atkinson Photography

01 August, 17:00: Kira Kirsch

Kira has been a constant presence at ImPulsTanz since 2013 and every year, she comes armed with a new topic. This summer, it’s all about walking, the feet, the connection to Earth. But don’t worry, walking will lead to dancing!

© Karolina Miernik

02 August, 17:00: Vera Rosner

Personal movement language, trust in one’s own intuition, contact with others and the discovery of commonalities lead to equality and respect between people with and without disabilities. This is the credo of DanceAbility and Vera Rosner.

© Naoto Iina

03 August, 17:00: Akemi Takeya

Akemi has developed a practice called “Breath Body”, which aims to revived the “feelers” of people (like those of insects): one’s acumen is deepened and invisible inner energies in the body are revealed.

04 August, 11:00: Peter Jasko

The Belgium-based super nice and energetic Slovakian – who started off his career as a folk dancer – offers a dynamic mixture of technique but also improvisation and a lot of play. Got any doubts? Then take a look at the cover photo!

© Koray Akten

05 August, 11:00: Ziya Azazi

The dancer and choreographer who is acquainted with the world’s big and small stages (opening ceremony of the Olympics in London all the way to street protests in Istanbul) will introduce the hallucinatory joy in spinning and turning of Dervish in Progress in this workshop!

© Chris Singer

06 August, 11:00: Nina Kripas

Due to bad weather forecasts the workshop had to be cancelled, unfortunately!
The L.A.-based Viennese will bring a combination of Hip Hop, Funky Styles, House, Dancehall and Voguing to the dance floor – the basics will consist of Old School Hip Hop trills, B-boying Toprocks, Popping and Locking, isolations etc. Bring it on!

07 August, 17:00: Kristina & Sadé Alleyne

Kristina and Sadé, the scintillating dancing twins from Akram Khan’s Company will whisk together different African styles with contemporary dance moves in this class – the Alleyne sisters will make you sweat, guaranteed! Pure joy of life!

08 August, 17:00: David Zambrano

For more than 35 years now, David Zambrano has been a monumental figure in the international dance world that he has lastingly shaped with his techniques Flying Low & Passing Through: he has traveled to more than 40 countries with his artistry and has taught over 25 000 students. La pura vida!

© Karolina Miernik

09 August, 17:00: Ákos Hargitay

Ákos is the creator of BodyParkour, which consists of Parkour, Tricking, Hip Hop and Breaking, Capoeira and circus as well as contemporary dance. This is the perfect occasion to try out a remarkable and exciting but most of all trendy dance style!

10 August, 17:00: Attila Zanin

Due to bad weather forecasts the workshop had to be cancelled, unfortunately!
The artistic director of Ich bin O.K. Dance Company, B-boy at heart and ballet-trained dancer and choreographer will teach the basics of Locking, Popping, Breaking and Electric Boogaloo. I said a Hip Hop!

© Karolina Miernik

11 August, 11:00: Frey Faust

Our culture and physical education often dictate that we hold and move our bodies in flattened shapes, hold ourselves upright and move one-sidedly. This is what the veteran of the New Yorker contemporary art scene and founder of the Axis Syllabus Method has been going against for decades. Free yourself!

© He Shao Hui

12 August, 11:00: maRia Probst

Skinner Releasing technique, Klein-technique, Butoh, Developmental Movement Patterns, BMC, various Yoga practices, Qi Gong, Contact Improvisation, TCM... maRia calls all of these her home and doesn’t even shy away from taboos like Contact Ballroom – a holistic delight for sure!

© Bad Habits

13 August, 11:00, Cat Jimenez

HipHop meets contemporary dance! Cat Jimenez has roots in the Philippines, is extremely apt in House and HipHop and has already impressed at ImPulsTanz Dance Contests. We are incredibly intrigued about her mix of urban and contemporary moves!

Where: main courtyard, MuseumsQuartier, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna
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