Enesi M.
Hosted by The GapLive’n’Local
Enesi M © Ifeatu Nnaobi

Thursday, 11.7., 22:00
Burgtheater Vestibül

Enesi M. will work with fake blood during her performance.

ENESI M. live

Enesi M. is a vocalist, songwriter and aspiring producer who fuses Heavy Metal sounds with HipHop, Electronic, Reggaeton and Baile Funk rhythms. She pairs harsh, guttural vocals with raps and sung harmonies while refusing to conform to one genre and going through the whole spectrum of emotions lyrically.


When playing live, Skofi mixes laid back german rap flows in with diverse, indie-influenced electronic beats - in her DJ sets under the name ‘Skofiasko’ she fuses dark UK Dubstep Tracks with Grime and modern Bass Sound.

With her desire to bring the UK club scene to Vienna, Skofiasko gives a playful insight into it with her sets.

SUCCUBUS (blvze)

Hailing from uncharted Balkan depths, the multi-disciplinary artist Succubus (BLVZE; Oh, That’s Nice; Rave Atlas) has a passion for music and a general aesthetics of vigorous flamboyant oddity, proved by her alter ego’s motto: Succumbere-‘lying underneath’.

Succubus has spent her life exploring the music ‘underneath’, building a perspective that seeks perceptions without borders. Inspired by Garage, Jungle and Dubs, she does not stop experimenting with new sounds and motifs.


Skofiasko © John Kücükcay / Celeste
© succubus