Soçial 2023

Soçial 2023

SISKA (live)
Ramona & H∆NN∆ x D!ZZY
Hosted by FAQLive’n’Local
Wednesday, 2.8., 22:00
Burgtheater Vestibül


SISKA – a voice that instantly casts a spell over you. Soft and dreamy at first, when in the next moment, the beautiful timbre breaks through the surface of the colourful soundscapes, in which her beautiful melodies are gently floating. SISKA's songs are built on an electronic foundation that leaves enough space for the vocals. Every now and then, piano parts and violins unfold within the arrangements – two instruments that have accompanied her since her youth. Classical music education and playing in the orchestra have strongly influenced her and many years of participating as a vocalist in choirs. At the same time, she discovered her love for electronic music early on. Great artists like Björk, and, later, James Blake, are two of her most important inspirations. In a unique way, SISKA connects the worlds of classical and electronic music, which have always been closely intertwined for her. Both are reflected on the soft and clear surface without blinding each other. Smooth harmonies, spherical strings and playful melody fragments merge with electronic sound elements, powerful bass lines and beats. As a songwriter, she creates an extraordinary atmosphere to give space to her thoughts. SISKA's lyrics are snapshots of situations and feelings that she has encountered in her life. Her voice lets you dive into a fascinating world of emotions – personal, close and shrouded in melancholy.


Ramona originally comes from techno music and has evolved musically over time. Her journey led her through a dreamy gloomy forest with spherical sounds that filled her musically – there she remained until today. However, the love for fast music remains – for a change it may be a bit of trance, acid and techno.

 Retreat Radio · Ramona (18/04/20)


HipHop, paired with eclecticism and the unusual is the trademark of H∆NN∆ x D!ZZY. Their hawker’s tray of genres often includes unheard gems and oddities from faraway lands, plus plenty of beats and bass. Combined with their energetic stage presence, this always results in a unique club experience. · H∆NN∆ x D!ZZY 26/11/21

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