Soçial 2023

Soçial 2023

Polyxene & Moska & Franjazzco
Saturday, 29.7., 22:00
Burgtheater Vestibül


POLYXENE is a dynamic DJ, cherished in Vienna but hailing from Athens. With a sound engineering background, an insatiable digging habit and a sublime dancing energy, she knows how to raise eyebrows and to ignite the dancefloors. She likes to spin a mix of Breaks, Breakbeat Ghetto and exciting new Bass while she spice things up with hard broken Techno and mindbending IDM. Some of the festivals she has performed are Elevate Festival (Graz), Hyppereality (Vienna), Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria), The Lighthouse Festival (Porec, Croatia). Last but not least, she is a former contributor of the platform Femdex and she currently has her monthly residency on Movement radio of Athens where she explores eclectic music journeys along with some of her favorite Djs.

 Movement Radio · POLYXENE (13.04.2023)


Eva Jakimoska – Moska is a multimedia artist, hailing from Ljubljana and residing in Vienna. She is an active member of two crews: Service (Vienna) and Whammy collective (Graz). With the basic knowledge of playing piano, drums and percussions and years long singing lessons at a private singing school in Ljubljana, she then chose a more unconventional musical path and dived in the world of turntablism, hip hop and club cultures. She used to run a weekly radio show called Mishmash Mo’ on the online Radio Nula and occasionally organizes events with her fellow DJ friends (Service, Whammy, King of the Concrete, B-Girls Do it Better, Sistaz Jam, Mishmash Mo’ Jam, ...) . She's an active DJ since 2015 and has performed in different countries across Europe (Sweden, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Austria,..), on different festivals and radios such as Elevate festival, ImPulsTanz, Ment festival, Radio FM4, Redlight Radio, Radio Helsinki, Res.Radio, Radio Nula, Radio Študent...

She shared the stage with Traxman, DJ Fulltono, DJ Innes, MC Sa-Roc, MC Dynasty, FVLCRVM, The Bug and Miss Red, etc. Moska’s repertoire consists mostly of footwork, ghetto tech, juke, bass, hiphop, afrobeat, breaks, funk and anything else she finds fitting for the occasion. She loves to mix it all up, changing narratives in her sets and enjoys subtle communication with the audience. 

 Movement Radio · Guest Mix By Moska W/ POLYXENE (09.03.2023)


Franjazzco is a DJ based in Vienna, who has been blessed to play his music to dancefloors all over Austria and even some places beyond for more or less the last 25 years. Throughout the most recent years, he’s also been an active part of the Service collective, attempting to create day- and nighttime events full of joy, euphoria and funky dance music.

 Franjazzco · House Mix Feb 2022

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