Soçial 2023

Soçial 2023

LIZKI (live)
Hosted by die BühneLive’n’Local

Wednesday, 26 July, 22:00
Burgtheater Vestibül

Please note: during the concert there will be strobe lighting effects.


LIZKI is a young musician from Munich. Trained in piano and opera singing, she nevertheless turned to pop music early on to process personal experiences. Lizki works with electronically produced sounds and piano, letting her classical repertoire shine through again and again, especially vocally, when she weaves, deforms, loops her bombastic voice into the tapestry of sound. She has been making music since her teens: first 2 albums with the Munich local heroes Tonwertkorrektur, then a collaboration with the DJ and producer duo Baal. As Rey Lenon she started her solo career with the two singles MCKY (2019) and Fever (2020). Her solo debut album Forward was released in November 2021 on the renowned label Seayou Records and has since been well received beyond the country’s borders.


“我们去吃火锅吧!” (wǒmen qù chī huǒguō ba!), a resonating invitation that unites individuals. This sentiment echoes amongst us three: Xing, Karin and cn, an Asian DJ DJ collective hailing from Vienna. Our musical influences span House, HipHop and everything in between. Each member of the Hotpotposse contributes their unique essence to the collective cauldron, constantly surprising one another. The combinations we come up with are limitless, and it’s all about making tasteful choices along the way!

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