Soçial 2023

Soçial 2023

Zanshin & Dzc.
Hosted by Affine Records
Saturday, 15.7., 22:00
Burgtheater Vestibül


Zanshin is a multi-faceted artist. His interest in sound sculpting and synthesis - with attention to detail - and his generally wide-angled approach to electronic music is well reflected in productions like his recent albums In Any Case By Any Chance and The Subject Matters on Affine Records. They range from powerful uptempo techno-infused stompers to meditative, introspective improvised pieces.

Zanshin – a term from Japanese martial arts meaning "undirected attention" – likes to fit into manifold settings when playing his music live, giving the audience either a chance to dance ecstatically or to listen with intent. But don't be fooled by the experimental nature of his releases, when Zanshin enters the DJ booth, he is well known for making the crowd rave to his sets that can incorporate any form of energetic dance music like House and Techno from all eras or more polyrhythmic affairs from the Bass music and Jungle realm.

Zanshin has been performing live and releasing forward thinking and funked up House Music internationally also as a part of Ogris Debris on labels like Compost Black, Nervous Records and Infiné for many years. And last but not least his interest in the audiovisuals arts has led him to numerous media festivals, presenting immersive and challenging performances and installations as one half of the widely respected artist duo Depart or as a solo artist, showing algorithmically driven sound installations.


Dzc. started her creative journey by performing in several bands as a singer, pianist and guitarist, which heavily influenced her way of listening to the particular details of music. Additionally she found an interest in the visual arts and focussed all her attention on photography for a while, which guided her back to music through her work as a photographer in Clubs and at Festivals. Especially the various forms of House Music sparked her enthusiasm for DJing and music production, which she channels in her activities as a DJ, Producer and Promoter as a part of the Acid Lambada Collective. Dzc. has been immersing herself in all aspects of electronic music for several years now and has since been releasing her tunes on Labels such as Fortunea, Miura Records & Vienna Underground Traxx.

Dzc. Is a brilliant selector and manages to find a fine balance between Classic House, Progressive House and thrilling breakbeats easily. Her concentrated and energetic sets are always hugely inspired by musical elements of the 90s and are leading the dancing crowd into her shimmering universe.

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