Soçial 2023

Soçial 2023

A-Side Afterparty
Lenia (Gassen aus Zucker) & Mareia (Heimlich)
Festival Lounge
Saturday, 15.7., 02:00
Burgtheater Vestibül

Lenia (Gassen aus Zucker) & Mareia (Heimlich)


Lenia has been on the road since 2013 and especially graces the dance floors of Vienna and Berlin. Apart from bouncy, their DJ sets can also be a bit deeper and darker, as long as the right groove dominates the tracks and there are enough percussions and hi-hats involved. Lenia is also an enthusiastic b2b DJ, as can be seen from the playlist on her Soundcloud profile. With the collective Gassen aus Zucker she has been organizing parties in Viennese locations or on festival stages for 10 years now.

Lenia · Lenia | Fusion Festival 2022 | Tanzwüste


The name Mareia stands for bouncy and eclectic sound as well as dirty bits and pieces. On the one hand, her style makes you dance automatically and on the other hand, sometimes conjures up an honest smile in the faces of the crowd. Just being a DJ is not enough for the likeable 28-year-old Russian-Austrian DJ, which is why she also works as a producer. One thing is clear when you come into contact with Mareia's sound as a recipient and dancer: you will always be thrilled!

Mareia · Mareia hipt und hopt am Rummelfest herum | 11.02.23 Kabinett der Kuriositäten

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