Soçial 2023

Soçial 2023

B.Visible & Austrian Apparel (DJ Set)
FM4 Friday


B.Visible is a music producer with a broad sound, combining minimalistic electronic soundscapes with experimental ideas, jazzy tones and more. His sound is all about creating intimate moments of restlessness, gradually building mesmerizing soundscapes and layered melodies while still maintaining a focus on versatility and love of detail.

Austrian Apparel (DJ Set)

The year is 2023, spaceship Austrian Apparel is back on course for Earth after an adventurous voyage. Packed with newly discovered sounds salvaged from strange planets and one clear mission: to make people move their bodies. Known for eclectic style and intrepid exploration of sonic boundaries, Austrian Apparel is ready to showcase its versatility as we embark on this DJ journey.

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