Soçial 2022

Soçial 2022

Skofi (live)
Hosted by goodnight.atLive’n’Local
Wednesday, 13.7., 22:00
Burgtheater Vestibül


Skofi is the solo project of the young rapper, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer Sarah Kofranek. In 2018 she met the Klosterneuburger producer Skyfarmer, who at that time was experimenting between future bass and lo-fi beats. Since then, the 2 producers work closely together as a duo, but in the meantime also release their solo projects. With their self-produced songs like "Rosy Clouds, WischWeg or OkOk" Skofi already has over 2 million streams worldwide on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud & Co. 2021 Skofi & Skyfarmer opened the year with their first German EP trilogy. No matter if oldschool, house, garage or trap beat - Skofi flows with her nonchalant voice through various genres and brings fresh wind into the German rap scene with her honest lyrics. 

In June 2022 Skofi & Skyfarmer's long-awaited 7 track EP "9to5" was released, which confirms the genre diversity of the duo once again, as well as musically lifts to a new level.


Dial1808 are DJ Firstlady Liebling and DJ Vivi Dag!
They're already known in the Viennese underground scene for their cheeky, eclectic sets.
When girl power trap meets head banging beats.
 Be prepared! If you want to extinguish fire dial 122, if you want to experience fire dial 1808.

22:00                            Doors 
22:00 – ca. 23:30         Dial1808
23:30 – 00:30               Skofi (live)
00:30 – Ende (ca. 4)    Dial1808

Skofi © Law Wallner
Dial1080 © Private Sammlung Nokia_3310