ImPulsTanz festival lounge 2019 / Nodstop ©
ImPulsTanz festival lounge 2019 / Nodstop ©

From 15th July to 15th August 2021, the ImPulsTanz Festival Lounge welcomes you from 22:00 onwards at Kursalon Wien at Stadtpark and offers a diverse programme of live concerts and DJ sets, providing an optimal atmosphere for encounter and exchange!

On two evenings, the entire Kursalon will open its doors to celebrate international music acts at the ImPulsTanz Festival Lounge Extended Nights.

15 July – 15 August 2021, daily from 22:00
Kursalon Wien at Stadtpark, Johannesgasse 33, 1010 Vienna

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FM4 Fridays – in cooperation with the Austrian radio station FM4, the country's best DJ exports get behind the turntables.

Live'n'Local – the Festival Lounge 2021 shows a wide spectrum of Austrian music production and offers its actors a unique platform. Especially not yet well known acts are in the focus of the live programme: Live'n'Local.

Affine Records Nights – the figureheads of the exceptional Viennese label will be spinning the turntables again this year.

ImPulsTanz on Decks – well known, always loved: every Tuesday ImPulsTanz staff, artists and workshop teachers provide exuberant dance music.

  • Free Admission Sunday–Wednesday
  • Admission fees Thursday & Saturday: €10 / Friday: €8 
    -> Free admission with: performance tickets of the same day & workshop & research participants pass​​​​​​​
  • Admission fee Festival Lounge Extended Nights: €15/€12

ImPulsTanz Soçial has its own facebook page now.
Please join us for regular updates.

We are very happy to offer a nightline programme for everyone and wish for our guests to treat each other respectfully. We do not tolerate racism, sexism and violence at our events.

© Alex Gotter

15 July: Lou Asril & That Good Ẅibe Collective (cn & Marina)

I love it when your body shakes to the beat. The first words heard from Lou Asril in March 2019 could hardly be more striking and succinct. It's the opening line of his debut single Divine Goldmine, and it doesn't miss its mark: as simple as it may be, it penetrates powerfully and deeply through every fibre of the body with the velvety, unexpected, soulful voice. At the age of 11, Lou Asril began classical piano training, at 15 he was on stage for the first time with his own songs and put together a band. At 17, he wins the Joe Zawinul Award and tours the studios of Los Angeles – he raised expectations early on and did not disappoint: In addition to No. 1 chart positions as well as prominent playlist placements and award nominations (Best Alternative at the AAMA, FM4 Award), festival invitations and concerts (Popfest Vienna, live performances at the Austrian Amadeus Music Awards, Glatt&Verkehrt Festival, Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival) follow, which more than confirm the first impression: he has not built his world of much feeling and gentle groove for himself alone. One eye on the dance floor, the other deeply closed for a look inside – his music and lyrics hit the zeitgeist. This can be heard and felt during his amazing live sets. The long-planned climax of his still young career was set for the release of the mini-LP louasril with a long-sold-out concert at the WUK on his 20th birthday. Only this one on the 12th of march was the first prominent victim of the restrictions on live events communicated the day before. But Lou Asril lives for the stage – and so he and his band did not let the unusual circumstances of this summer stop them from playing live in an adapted form (Glatt&Verkehrt Festival, poolbar Festival); even with physical distance, Lou Asril was able to reach the ears and hearts of the listeners. Time and again, Lou Asril's enthusiasm for hip hop and electronic music shines through: in summer 2020, he will release his single Berlin, Pretty City, for which he collaborated with Hamburg producer AgaJon; for their joint performance at the Austrian Amadeus Music Awards 2020, Lou Asril and (Conchita) WURST will release the progressive, electronic cover of the Austro hit Lovemachine. Not least this shows: the universe of Lou Asril is far from being built. This is only the beginning.

Since 2014 already, The Good Ẅibe Collective with its base in Vienna has been djing together. What the four women of different descent particularly share is their love for music. When it comes to genre there are no boundaries – although cn, Marina, Tmnit & Zeisl´s most common denominator has always been Rap music which is interpreted by each of the women in her very own particular way.  So apart from Rap music you are going to hear and dance to their favorite R’n’b, Neo-Soul, Electronic and Bass tracks. Today at the ImPulsTanz Lounge: cn & Marina.

16 July: FM4 Friday feat. Trishes & DJ Johanna

Being the co-host of Austria’s premier HipHop radio show “FM4 Tribe Vibes” for more than twenty years has given Vienna-based DJ & producer Trishes deep insight into the genre, its many mutations and the musical family tree around it. In his DJ sets he aims to join the various dots while keeping the people moving.

Soul, RnB, Hip Hop, Trap, UK Sounds, Drill, Future Beats und Afrobeats are DJ Johannas Speciality. The 22 year old DJane with Austrian-Philippine Roots has already attracted the attention in the first six months of her career through appearances in the best Viennese Clubs as well as international Clubs in Germany and Portugal. Music, art and fashion have inspired and shaped Johanna all her life. Now she is proving her skills in the new A1 NOW format, called AUX MAGAZIN as a moderator/Host.
© Maraskino

17 July: Live’n’Local feat. Maraskino (live) & FRANCO FORTE

Maraskino is not just a band, but a performance art quartet with the mission to irritate. In dazzling colours, extravagant outfits, high heels and coconut scent, traditional ideas of masculinity are broken and liberatingly offensive images are unabashedly transported into the mainstream. The abysses of ingrained role models and sexist structures are thematised, satirised and worked through via lyrics, outfits and presentation. Musically, genres are broken, mixed and rearranged: Radio play meets club tracks, postcard pop follows nonsense ballads, happy hardcore becomes soundtrack.Maraskino takes up and honours the work of artists of many generations who did not (did not) want to position themselves in a straight line. Maraskino continues artistic traditions of breaking gender and sexuality norms and establishes a new genre: Contemporary Porn Pop. "Contemporary" as in the now with all its annoyances, possibilities and desire for escapist extravagance, "Porn" as in sticky, overwrought, distorted and "Pop" as in digestible and amusing.

FRANCO FORTE a second-generation DJ, grew up to the beats of Moroder, Run DMC & Depeche Mode. At ImPulsTanz we're looking forward to a sweaty, mouth-watering set that will have you raining endorphins all the time. Galactic, at times epic & with a lot of love.
© Favoritn

18 July: Favoritn

Favoritn – this time with Carmen and Patrick behind the turntables. Come by and indulge yourself in a variety of house music’s finest tracks: funky vibes, groovy disco house and old school classics from the 90’s. These selected tracks even make Jack and Joe and Jill dance the night away!
© Karin Hackl

19 July: monophobe DJ Set

Monophobe’s music is so unique, so exceptional, it leaves you falling into the dancefloor, making you surrender musically. Fragments of an incredibly broad range of musical influences as well as bits and pieces from everyday life all flow together in dynamic productions, constantly changing, evolving into something new the moment you think you finally have a grasp on what’s going on. The sheer production skills underneath are out of this world, with elaborate synth lines modulated in unthinkable ways and grooves so sophisticated it’s impossible to stand still and even harder to figure out move to them.
We are looking forward to one of his rare DJ Sets.
© Emilia Milewska

20 July: ImPulsTanz on decks

Each Tuesday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you.


OFF THE GRID are 4 music enthusiasts from Vienna on a mission to give new perspectives on established matters in electronic dance music. DJ Odd, dj defizit, B.Ranks and Rapha Ramires came from different musical backgrounds and connected in 2019 to throw their first well-received events, featuring international acts. While the booking scheme is obviously on hold since the pandemic, OTG showcase their skills in their monthly mix-show on local online-station
© Hanna Fasching

22 July: Live’n’Local Lan Rex (live) & Mala Herba (live) & Anna Leiser

Lan Rex presents the debut EP Absatz 1, named after Lena Lens Kühleitner's former solo project. Live concert in duo with Lisa Grabner. Absatz 1 moves with delicate punch. Artful vocal arrangements are supported by graceful synth sequences and delightfully induce a metallic healing. "Lan Rex faces the forces, moves through large spaces and breathes steady waves of sound that balance the push and pull of our present."(Tender Matter).

Mala Herba is the solo project of sound artist and queer music activist Zosia Hołubowsk. Mala Herba's performances are based on traditional music, magic and the demonology of Eastern Europe and are sonic rituals. The music draws from darkwave and minimal synth-wave, sometimes the melody cracks, the voice becomes a magical spell and the song turns into a soundscape. Polyrhythmic pulsations are stacked on top layers of harsh noise and processed archive samples, then the arpeggiated bass kicks in again and the music oscillates between haunting Italo-disco and EBM. After being featured on compilations by labels such as DKA, Exiles and Total Solidarity by Oramics, Mala Herba released the debut LP "Demonologia" on [aufnahme+wiedergabe] in January 2021, followed by a digital EP "Omnia Vanitas" with two remixes and two covers on the same label.

Anna Leiser has been an integral part of the viennese dj circuit for more than a decade. Being deeply involved in electronic music with promoting parties with her collectives Resolut, later Bebop Rodeo, O.K, and Utopia 3000, as well as her long-term experience working for the sound:frame festival for audiovisual art and, of course, being a Dj and collecting records, she has developed her very own style over the years, ranging from different aspects of House, Techno and Electro to Post Punk and Wave, widely influenced by the warm and analog sounds of Detroit. 
© Slack Hippy & Sebastian Schlachter

23 July: FM4 Friday feat. Slack Hippy & Sebastian Schlachter

Born within the sound of Bow Bells (a real Londoner for the uninformed ; ) ) and raised in peaceful Cornwall. Slack Hippy lives in Vienna since 1991 and DJs (since 1990) under the name of Slack Hippy regularly in most of the top spots in and around Vienna and Austria. He is resident DJ for the Friday night Electronic Music Radio show La Boum De Luxe on FM4 and is Host and founder of the Monthly Breakbeat show The Dogs Bollocks on FM4. He has played all over Austria since 1991 and has built up a reputation as a technically fine skilled DJ with many musical surprises in his record box. He is always ready for a good party and has a good instinct for pleasing the music hungry crowds.

Sebastian Schlachter's DJ sets are dominated by the 4/4 beat, from the early 80s to today. New and forgotten, legendary and groundbreaking of disco, house, techno, post-disco, wave and electro are sure to be found in his record pockets.
© Hanna Fasching

24 July: Live’n’Local feat. XING (live) & That Good Ẅibe Collective (Tmnit & Zeisl)

The stylistic spectrum of XING ranges between melancholic melodies, hip hop elements, influences from R&B and a large amount of soul. The different musical backgrounds and a deep, smoky voice, which also masters heights without a care in the world, result in a soundscape full of captivating beats and intimate lyrics with socio-critical substance. After graduating from Pop BORG Linz, XING established herself in the Austrian music scene as a background singer for Lou Asril and Ines Kolleritsch, among others. To further develop her solo project, the singer-songwriter moved from Linz to Vienna in 2018. The debut followed in May 2020 with her first single Own the Gold, which emerged from her collaboration with producer Thomas Bernhard. Already as a teenager, she noticed that she and her growing up in a Chinese household were not represented in the mainstream media. She does not shy away from challenging topics like this in her songs. Own the Gold deals with the culture clash as much as racism. Since then, two more singles have followed, each a story in itself, XING paving her own way, in music as well as in life. Sympathetically unembellished and raw, she tells of experiences with body-shaming, self-discovery, as well as dramas in friendship and love, in which listeners find themselves. XING is currently working on the completion of her EP and is looking ahead to various tours, releases and collaborations planned for 2021. She will be supported live by Ines Kolleritsch (keys, backing vocals), Julian Berann (drums) and Thorsten Kaiser (bass, synth bass).

Since 2014 already, That Good Ẅibe Collective with its base in Vienna has been djing together. What the four women of different descent particularly share is their love for music. When it comes to genre there are no boundaries – although cn, Marina, Tmnit & Zeisl´s most common denominator has always been Rap music which is interpreted by each of the women in her very own particular way.  So apart from Rap music you are going to hear and dance to their favorite R’n’b, Neo-Soul, Electronic and Bass tracks. Today mixing for you: Tmnit & Zeisl.
© Tropical Thunder

25 July: Tropical Thunder

You can find Tropical Thunder in the tropics somewhere between the Port of Indecision and Southwest of Disorder. No GPS works here. Palm trees provide the camouflage. Passports are not required. Island music rules. Meet them at the thatched roof bar or simply come to Kursalon Wien!

Monsieur Gostoso (Tropical Thunder)

Josua Zajons (Dyskoteka Diaspora)

Djust Benzes (Benzes Night)

Moonshine Bunny

Guy LeDouche (Tropical Thunder)

Napoleon Disconite (Lo-ve-Fi)
© Sounds of Blackness

26 July: Sounds of Blackness

[SOB] is a collective of artists (of various forms – DJs, musicians, actors, producers), activists and entrepreneurs based in Vienna with the aim of celebrating the cultural and ethnic diversity in urban space in European cities. We express the celebration of diversity through visuals, sound & dance amongst other art forms and events.

Rajanish DAS
Thiago ROSA

27 July: ImPulsTanz on Decks

Each Tuesday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you.
© Affine Records

28 July: Affine Records Night – On Decks: The Clonious & Cid Rim

Imagine running into The Clonious, that dude equipped with hundred headphones which directly interact with his musical epicentre. He elegantly puts together the apparent inconsiderable and the clearly essential elements, subsequently he breaks – music- into rhythm + harmonies to reach a point at which it is incontrovertible to discuss the perception that jazz is the mother of it all. 

CID RIM aka CLEMENS BACHER is known as a jazz drummer, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Vienna and above all for his hybrid approach to music and sounds as a whole. Even in combination with artists like DORIAN CONCEPT or THE CLONIOUS, it was difficult to get past the musician in recent years.
© Astrid Knie

29 July: Live’n’Local feat. Synesthetic Ivo (live) & Caorli

The eccentric fictional character Synesthetic Ivo is played by the clarinetist and composer Vincent Pongracz, who is mainly known for his work with Synesthetic4 and the Synesthetic Octet. Dadaistic raps and invented words which celebrate a modern musical nihilism in an outlandish and humorous manner are Synesthetic Ivo’s trademark. In the debut album 1V0 and the attached music video YHLD he opens a door to experimental contemporary Hip Hop that stays wide open in his performances. Synesthetic Ivo’s music reflects Vienna's subculture in an absurd and odd way.


// Carini
Flashy, but classy. Music to listen to when alone: Beyonce. Music to listen to when not alone: Beyonce. Favourite genre: everything

// Korli
Flashy. Definitely not classy. Pays you to play Justin Bieber. Can rap to Busta Rhymes. Favourite song when drunk: Baywatch Theme

// Caorli
too funny to be cool

30 July: ImPulsTanz Festival Lounge Extended A-Side


DJ Support:
Dalia Ahmed (FM4)
DJ Phekt (FM4)

On two dates, the festival lounge welcomes you to very special nights in the whole building of the Kursalon Wien: welcome to the ImPulsTanz Festival Lounge Extended nights!

The A-Side welcomes the exuberant Yugoslavian/Swedish artist and performer GNUČČI. She uses a wide field of styles, eclectic influences and musical spaces to make bombastic bass-oriented songs.Putting her high-spirit and frenetic creativity into everything she does, she writes empowering songs aiming to soundtrack good times. She unleashes her bold and loud feminine energy during her live performances, charging up the room with freedom and fueling positive interaction. Beyond being a catalyser of energies, her music is ultimately a call to connect, share and care. Whether you are hit by her energetic cadence, witty raps, or her charming voice and hooks, GNUČČI is proving herself a vital voice and a must-experience live.

DJ support by the FM4 Heros and Heroines Dalia Ahmed und DJ Phekt.

Dalia Ahmed is a radio host and music editor at Radio FM4, where she presents „Dalia’s Late Night Lemonade“ every Saturday night. A show dedicated to hip hop, rnb, afrobeats and more. When djing Dalia’s music selection becomes a bit rougher with a selection of global club sounds.

DJ Phekt is Hip Hop expert since day one, as such it is only obvious that he is hosting, together with Trishes, the successful radio broadcast FM4 Tribe Vibes: Austria’s oldest and most important Hip Hop broadcasting show that mirrors the national and international Hip Hop community in a multi-faceted way. We can look forward to Hip Hop with excursions into Funk, Reggae, Electronic and Soul.

Tickets in the advance sale: €12,- / €8,- for Workshop- & Research participants (available only at our day box offices)
Tickets at the evening box office: €15,-
© Marko Mestrovic

31 July: Live’n’Local feat. Eli Preiss (live) & DJ Hauswein

When you talk about contemporary R'n'B & rap from Austria, you can't get past Eli Preiss. The 22-year-old has proven this time and again in the past. With her most recently released track Danke Mami, she once again put Vienna (& her mum) on the map of German rap, and songs like Noch down? or her F.E.L.T. EP show how versatile Eli Preiss is. The young talent has quite rightly signed a deal with MOM I MADE IT. And that's exactly where Eli Preiss' new single Aba warum will be released. And on it, to a hypnotic beat by prodbypengg, the artist bossily and self-confidently distributes one announcement after the next to all non-patrons and no-goers. Eli Preiss gets support for her empowering moves from none other than beslik meister. The Düsseldorf rookie rapper is currently considered one of the most promising German rap talents.

DJ Hauswein is Zahra Khan, an Irish/Pakistani artist and DJ based in Vienna. She’s the promoter of the Common Contact events in Vienna and NYC, co-founder and co-curator at @nede.exp in Richmond, VA and a founding member of the I've Got My Period collective. Musically, her roots are in hip hop culture, but she has become a frontrunner for discovering and supporting current and emerging club genres as the years have gone by. Hauswein avidly follows the evolution of and movements within these forms on virtual platforms as well as at performance locations where the true action happens. When she steps up you can expect chaos - boundary-pushing, hip-thrusting, smut-spitting sounds to no end and plenty of surprises
© Fear le Funk

1 August: FearLeFunk Allstars

Fear le Funk – HNGBR, Ottomatic & Ra-B aka Raberto Blanco
The three resident DJs of the bustling Fear le Funk collective from Vienna, stand for a sound beyond chart establishment and click-generated and click-generated hypes. In addition to the beloved sounds from Detroit, the East and West Coast, as well as fresh beat music beat music productions or remix stations from almost all the of the hip hop-inclined globe in their sets. A good dash of funk, bossa nova and the occasional breeze of soul are not to be neglected either. Danceable to head-nod joints guaranteed: Fear le Funk!

© Ruscherl

2 August: Pezo Fox & Rawkat (steelo radioshow)

Pezo Fox & Rawkat (steelo radioshow) have been active in the Viennese DJ scene for several decades. As early as the beginning of the 90s, they were already playing in the Hip Hop clubs that were emerging at the time. Their passion for music and dance has kept them at the wheels of steel in all the relevant clubs in the city. As hosts of the STEELO RADIOSHOW on Pezo Fox & Rawkat entertain music lovers worldwide. At the moment, the duo's sound is defined by disco, breakbeats and funky hip hop. Get down and boogie!

3 August: ImPulsTanz on Decks

Each Tuesday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you.

4 August: MALEFIZ

MALEFIZ is opening the big stage for all sturdy dance optimists to again stumble through a wicked night full of quirky and playful POP-ELECTRO-DANCE-MUSIC.

The queer party experienced DJs NicA & J’aime Julien recently made all of Rathausplatz Vienna at Regenbogenparade and Brandenburger Tor at CSD Berlin quake. For Impulstanz they’ll spin their „Best of Dancy Pop Tracks“ on the virtual turn tables. 

Instagram: @djnicamusic

J'aime Julien (MALEFIZ, HONEY)
Instagram: @jaimejulien

© Samira Dezaki

5 August: Live’n’Local feat. Samira Dezaki (live) & Dial1808

Samira Dezaki has been on stage since she was 11 years old. Performances, videos, battle rap events have shaped her path until today. In her lyrics, Samira Dezaki places great emphasis on authenticity, the strong appearance and independence of women in the male domain of hip-hop and rap. The rapper also plays with this in her performances, with sexy choreographies on the pole dance pole and seductive outfits, she opens herself up to the view of the recipients and personifies pure empowerment – above all for herself.

Dial1808 is bass-heavy girl power trap, Italo disco sounds and a whole lot of airhorn. Pewpewpew. This is the musical playground of DJ SteffiFeffi and DJ Vivi Dag. They don't like to hear the word DJane, because they don't want to be pigeonholed. In the Viennese underground they are known for their cheeky sets, eclectic and with a lot of passion. People have even danced to their sets at the Splash Festival in Germany. If you want to put out a fire, choose 122, if you want to experience fire, Dial1808.

hosted by

© Emilia Milewska

6 August: Franjazzco & Kido Soon

© Cecile Believe

7 August: Live´n´Local feat. Cecile Believe (live) & Joja

The voice is a powerful medium, Cecile Believe's is unmistakable. Cecile Believe first became known for her work as a singer and co-writer of SOPHIE's Oil Of Every Pearl's Uninsides, and has gone on to become a popular artist in contemporary underground pop music. With her music decidedly post-genre, Cecile aims to push the boundaries of pop, club and experimental music, leaving room for a wide range of moods and emotional expression. 2020 saw two releases from Cecile, her debut EP Made in Heaven and an exciting mixtape, Plucking a Cherry From the Void, the latter produced in three months in the second half of 2020. Both releases were critically acclaimed and much appreciated by fans. With a voice that has punctuated many moments in the lives of listeners, Cecile Believe has become a very popular artist with a loyal fan base.

For more than 20 years, Vienna based Joja has been on a mission to erode and break down barriers and frontiers with a focus on connecting elements of the structures beneath. Johanna Mayr-Keber works as an architect, organises cultural events, releases music on the duzzdownsan label and is host and dj for La Boum De Luxe, a weekly radio show on FM4. She prefers to spin music that is heavy on synth sounds accompanied with haunting vocals or rap. Joja is known to play with different genres, ranging from four-to-the-floor, hiphop, grime and noisey tunes.

hosted by

© Photobox

8 August: H∆NN∆ & B.Visible

With a sure instinct on the turntables for beats, bass and related genres, the Viennese HΔNNΔ convinces with diverse mixes, contagious energy and euphoria. The style of her sets - whether alone or together with her DJ partner Dizzy Dee - can best be described as Hip Hop paired with futuristic beats, bass and eclecticism.

Viennese producer B.Visible is always pushing his craft forward with each concept being an evolution. His music is mutating organically as each project brings novelty but always while blending sharp electronic components with dusty acoustic layers. That duality exists in every aspect of his creative journey with DJ sets revolving around second-hand records and modern-day productions but also his live project offering a whole new dimension and generosity to the audience. B.Visible melts the barrier between analog and digital in a such distinctive and elegant way that it feels natural.
© Worst Messiah  & Testa © Lazy Eyes

9 August: Worst Messiah & Testa

Worst Messiah (anagram of Thomas Wisser). 
Underground rap, beats and obscura, lots of vinyl.

The Tyrolean DJ and producer Testa is co-founder of the label Duzz Down San and part of various instrumental and rap formations, e.g. Restless Leg Syndrome, Von Seiten der Gemeinde or Nødstop. His DJ sets impress with beat, hip hop and rap tracks.
© Karolina Miernik

10 August: ImPulsTanz on Decks

Each Tuesday people of the ImPulsTanz crew, artists and workshop teachers spin the turntables in the festival lounge for you. 
© Oh, That's Nice

11 August: Oh, That’s Nice

Oh, that’s Nice is a sustainable cultural event, that merges different facets of music and visual arts. 
Its main ambition is to create and nurture an organic experience, that puts value on freedom, respect and diversity; as well as uniting micro communities within the world music hive mind.

The crew consists of three multidisciplinary artists, that share a mutual passion for music and a general aesthetics of vigorous flamboyant oddity. Dizzy Dee is the Viennese Lokalkolorit that brings colours, sounds and movements of mischief inspired by his many travels around the world; while the New York native Kutzkutz spreads the gospel of music in his sensual yet delinquent routine..hailing from uncharted Balkan depths, Succubus builds a perspective that seeks perception without borders. Combined together the trio forms a Bohemian Voltron on a mission to defend the city from boredom and monotony. 
Everyone that embarks on their music journey will discover a world full of whimsy and wonder. The constant swap of themes and sceneries ensures an intimate experience, enhanced by the rhythms of traditional world music- a cosmic variety of hip hop, funk, soul, beats and everything in between. 
© Kinetical & P.tah

12 August: Live’n’Local feat. Kinetical & P.tah (live) & Spinelly

After first feature parts and joint live performances, it was quickly clear that the chemistry between the two MC veterans was right: On their first joint release GHOST, Kinetical & P.tah showed an authentic variation of grime as pioneers in the German-speaking region in 2018. After the release and the many subsequent live shows, it quickly became clear that the collaboration would continue seamlessly. In an organic way, the second joint project LIFT was born, a 14-track album on which P.tah's German and Kinetical's English-language raps once again complement each other perfectly. Contemporary rap and British-style bass music are again the basis, combining all their influences into a coherent whole in which set pieces from hip hop, drill, garage or dancehall naturally find their place. Ruffer grime sound at 140 BPM and representer themes characterised the first album, LIFT shows an altogether broader sound picture, more different moods and tempos. This opens up the space for greater thematic diversity in the lyrics, for thoughtful lines and melodic hooks that stay in the ear. Other tracks clearly show their background in club music and invite you to party. In the joint songs of Kinetical and P.tah, the technical skills and the quality of the delivery are in the foreground, not least as a soothing contrast to the linguistic arbitrariness in the current rap mainstream. The live shows are of particular importance, characterised by the session character of all-night sound system parties and the joy of performance of both protagonists. Meanwhile, the duo's bilingualism underlines the internationality of the project, which also works in non-German-speaking countries: Bookings in Slovenia, Hungary, France and Italy prove the lively exchange across national borders, as do collaborations with artists from the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Germany and Gambia. They are usually accompanied live on the decks by B.Ranks, who has been on a musical journey with Kinetical for many years and has played hundreds of stage shows and DJ sets together. Due to his roots in the bass communities in Vienna and Linz, as well as his collaboration with P.tah at the BLVZE event series, accompanying the project as a live DJ was only logical and consistent.

Spinelly is one of the up-and-coming talents to rise from the surroundings of the Duzz Down San label over the past few years. She grew up in Tirol, where she began, inspired by local pioneers and music of the highest quality, to hone her skills behind the turntables herself in 2012. Meanwhile she is living in Vienna and has been invited to Austria’s alternative radio station FM4 several times to do guest mixes to represent herself as well as the label Duzz Down San, where she recently released her first production on their 10th anniversary tape X. Spinelly is a well known guest in clubs around Austria and is highly valued for her exciting and everchanging sets because she is constantly on the lookout for new and exciting Bass music and rap. Not afraid to cross genres, she combines a precise selection of (Indie) Hip Hop, Grime, Halfstep-D’n’B, and everything else Bass music has to offer, plus always has a few exclusives from her surroundings up her sleeve.

hosted by

© Lee Harather

13 August: ImPulsTanz Festival Lounge Extended B-Side


DJ Support:
Kristian Davidek (FM4 Davideks)
Moska (radio nula, DJ saraieva)

On the tipping edge between mainstream & underground, Eastern Europe suburb embossed artist FVLCRVM is a celebration of unpredictability. ADHD distorted production of niche club genres meets mellow pop musicality with reinvented 90s vibe. Borrowing a name from a mad Russian jet fighter FVLCRVM found a form in inconsistency. Picked by Spotify as #1 for their renowned "Fresh Finds'' Playlist, the first track featuring FVLCRVM’s own vocal "Hi!" went viral and was soon featured by BBC Radio 6 Music. This gained the Bratislava based artist immediate attention by tastemakers like Mary Anne Hobbs or Machinedrum. With his even more successful follow up "Words", which also made it to Song Of The Day selection on KEXP, FVLCRVM offered a crisp and eloquent take on pop music and provided the viewer with a peek into a mind-blowing version of a dystopian future. On the most recent “Attentioncore” EP released in summer of 2020 FVLCRVM proves himself once more as an exceptionally talented artist and sheds light on the creative buzz within the Eastern Europe. When it comes to production the multi-instrumentalist skillfully combines the modern club and electronic music with catchy pop hooks and sociocritical lyrics all put together in a clever and refreshing soundscape. FVLCRVM's live shows erase the bridge between a DJ set and live performance and caught the attention of the directors of Reeperbahn and ESNS already last year. After the pandemic year of 2020 he is now more than ready to get back on stage as soon as possible.    

DJ support by Kristian Davidek and Moska

Kristian Davidek is a tastemaker and artist who regards the performing bit of his DJ sets as an integral part of the experience. “Make You Feel” is both slogan of his show on national radio FM4 and the guiding line of his music sets. Appearances change from a mirror-ball-helmet wearable on one day to playing back to back with a drummer the next. Expect edgy Disco and House music as well as a good portion of Techno and Breakbeat, mean synth basslines, melodic hooks, dark vibes and percussion. And a little Italo in between never hurt no one. Kristian has a played a number of clubs and performed on relevant festivals including the infamous Fusion in Germany, Lighthouse in Croatia and Frequency as well as Impulstanz in Austria. When asked about his favorite gig of all times the answer always is: “The next one”.

Moska is a vinyl only DJ and multimedia artist from Ljubljana (SI) currently residing in Graz. Collecting and exploring all facets of music since she was little, she plays a wide spectrum of genres from hiphop, afrobeat, funk to breaks, footwork, juke and so on. She is a selector and founder of a weekly radio show on online Radio Nula called Mishmash Mo'!, part of a DJ duo DJ Saraieva, occasionally collaborates with Radio Helsinki (Radio LoPass show) and organizes events on her own.    

Tickets in the advance sale: €12,- / €8,- for Workshop- & Research participants (available only at our day box offices)
Tickets at the evening box office: €15,-    
Zanshin & Jakob Bouchal

14 August: Affine Records Night – On Decks: Zanshin & Jakob Bouchal

Zanshin (Gregor Ladenhauf) is a musician, sound artist and producer of electronic music from Vienna. The name "Zanshin" is a concept from Japanese martial arts and translates roughly as "balanced mind", reflecting his many inspirations and interests – correspondingly he tries to channel his ideas mostly into three creative outlets: As Zanshin he releases music on Affine Records and disko404 and his tracks and remixes are covering a broad range from driving, polyrhythmic dancefloor affairs to experimental beatless sonic structures, sometimes massive, sometimes fragile. Zanshin appears on stage either as a live act, arranging his tracks live and providing an inspiring, challenging and powerful experience. Or as a DJ, where he simply likes to provide great music to dance to, playing modern techno/bass music and/or house music with a funk and jazz vibe. Together with Daniel Kohlmeigner he releases music under the name Ogris Debris. Their trademark sound is a mixture of vocal hooklines and inventive and vigorous house music with which they are aiming to entertain audiences with their energetic live shows. Last but not least Zanshin teams up with artist/programmer Leonhard Lass as the duo Depart, conceiving and creating immersive, memorable and sometimes haunting AV-installations and performances with a poetic twist. 

Jakob Bouchal is interested in everything on principle. He enthusiastically shares his current discoveries with the world, and prefers to package them in stories – while DJing and otherwise. The setting: depending on the ambience and time of day, dreamy, jazzy electronica sounds, warm, flat house grooves, or uncompromising techno for sweaty mornings.
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15 August: The P’s (live) & THE ZEES

The P's ... the band with no song .. 

The legendary DJ ZUZEE (Waxolutionists) welcomes his wife MRS. ZEE, originally a dancer, behind the turntables. DJing together as the THE ZEES, they prove with their unique sound that the combination of music and dance is not only the secret ingredient for a happy marriage, but also for party nights to remember. Depending on the ingredients (Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Disco, House, etc.) the musical menue can vary – rest assured it’ll be funky and delicious!

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